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David Bifulco is recognized for pro bono service at the Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center.  October 17, 2022

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Certificate of Recognition

Ask a Real Lawyer: A question of judgment, Montco Today, November 27, 2018.

Question: If there is only a judgment against me, but I am on title for a property with my ex-husband can he sell the property for only what is owed on the mortgage? The judgment is against me and not my ex-husband. I got the judgment while we were getting a divorce. He used his credit to purchase this house back in 2008 and put me on the title. There is a buyer that will pay what my ex-husband owes on the mortgage, which is all my ex wants. Do we have to pay the judgment against me in order for him to be able to sell this property since I’m on the title? There won’t be any money left over after paying the mortgage to pay the judgment. Read More>>

‘Best interest of the child’ Always at the Heart of Custody Cases, Montco Today, August 1, 2018.

Question: A forty-year-old friend of mine lived with his mother and seven-year-old daughter for the child’s entire life until his recent death.   He had legal custody of the child with the exception of the two weekends a month the child was with her mother; for a period of time, these visitations included required supervision due to drug convictions and a record of abuse of her oldest child.  Although the mother is currently clean and undergoing court-mandated drug monitoring, she has been in-and-out of rehab and prison for five of the child’s seven years, and has expressed little interest in being involved in her life. Through dubious means, the child’s mother obtained unsupervised custody the day after my friend’s funeral, is refusing to return the child to her grandmother, and has ignored all attempts at communication.  Although a custodian in-case-of-death was not established in the custody order, it would seem to be in the best interest of the child to remain with the grandmother rather than with a mother she has never known and who appears only interested in obtaining custody now for financial reasons.  Does the child’s grandmother have any recourse to obtain custody? Read More>>

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A civil complaint was recently filed against me over a credit card debt. I contacted Mr. Bifulco after reading some online reviews of his legal services. He got back in touch with me almost immediately. After so much...


Mr. Bifulco Is The Attorney You're Looking For. I called Mr. Bifulco's office to get a consultation related to a personal loan I made to a friend two years ago. I didn't intend to file a lawsuit yet, but wanted legal...


Mr. Bifulco didn’t just win my case... from the first email to the tenth, to the phone calls and the court appearance he made me feel heard and helped me. He didn’t fill me with false hopes, and from day 1 gave me...


The Best. I was being sued by a previous credit card company and had no idea what to do. I looked around for lawyers and found David online. Having no idea what I was doing or what the process was, David was so helpful...


We had a tragic event happen to us on a Friday evening. We tried to handle it ourselves but realized it was over our heads. We needed help but it was the weekend. Sure enough David took our call right away and helped us...


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