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Debt Settlement

Experienced Bethlehem. Pennsylvania Consumer Lawyer Assists With Debt Resolution

Practical Strategies help Philadelphia-Area Consumers Unburden Themselves

The Law Office of David Kennedy Bifulco, P.C. provides effective, low-cost legal services for consumers struggling with overwhelming debt. There are many legal protections for honest but unfortunate debtors who are in over their heads, but you’ve got to get reliable advice that actually delivers the benefits you seek. There are many disreputable credit relief agencies that make impressive promises, but they either don’t deliver or leave you in a worse position than when you started. I take a different approach. I provide highly personalized service, so the strategies I suggest are suited to your specific circumstances. I also draw on extensive experience working with lenders to provide the best results possible for your situation.

Although I handle a range of debt issues, such as home foreclosure defense and residential eviction defense, most of my firm’s debt settlement work deals with high credit card balances that the cardholder cannot hope to repay, especially with onerous interest rates pushing that balance ever higher. I examine your credit cards and other sources of debt and devise an appropriate plan. Your options may include:

  • Negotiated settlement — Credit card companies are often willing to settle for a fraction of what a consumer owes. This is because, in many cases, they’ve already made a profit on the account, due to high interest rates, and they risk getting nothing if the cardholder files for bankruptcy. It can be better for them to write off your account as a loss for tax purposes. If you have multiple credit cards with high balances, some companies will be more willing to negotiate than others.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can discharge unsecured debt, such as credit card balances and medical bills. If your debt is mostly unsecured and you qualify to file for Chapter 7, this could be your quickest and most effective option. Within a couple of short months, you could be debt-free.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7 or if you’re also struggling with one or more home mortgages, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep your home, partially repay what you owe, and discharge a substantial amount of debt after three to five years. Chapter 13 is often the best option for people who are making a steady income but are still overwhelmed with debt.

Who Is Suing Me?

Not all collection firms are the same. Knowing the collection attorney firm that has been hired by your lender is essential to getting the best possible outcome for you and your family. In the Delaware Valley the main collection law firms for lenders are: Pressler, Felt & Warshaw, PLLC- Hayt, Hayt & Landau, LLC – J. Scott Watson, P.C. – Ratchford Law Group, PC. There are many debt relief services that will try to steer you toward their preferred option, regardless of your circumstances. That’s not how I operate. I always put your interests first.

A Debt-Relief Law Practice With a Difference

David Kennedy Bifulco, P.C. is a sole practice with a small staff, so from your initial meeting onward you deal directly with me. You won’t meet with a paralegal or any other employee who cannot answer your questions. I want you to be comfortable with the debt-relief option you choose, so I answer your questions thoroughly, explaining how the law applies to your specific circumstances and how each option could play out. Once I have resolved your case, you will likely still have questions, and subsequent issues may arise as well. My firm will continue to be here for you and, if necessary, take additional legal action on your behalf. For instance, there are times when a creditor takes illegal action after a debtor has successfully completed a settlement, such as reselling the debt to a third party after a court has dismissed your case. If that occurs, I step in and stop them.

Protecting Consumers From Bill Collector Harassment

It’s extremely frustrating to be on the receiving end of a debt collector’s abusive and harassing phone messages. Often, such abuse is the main reason people decide to file for bankruptcy. In many instances, debt collectors break the law with their excessive and harassing phone calls. If you think you may be a victim, you can fight back, under a federal law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This law prohibits abusive collection practices and allows consumers who’ve been harassed or threatened to sue bill collectors for damages. If your rights have been violated, I can work to hold those collection agencies accountable.

Contact an Experienced and Concerned Debt-Relief Attorney in Bethlehem

Don’t suffer any longer under the weight of crushing debt. If you need urgent assistance with debt relief, David Kennedy Bifulco, P.C. is ready to help. Call my firm at 610-676-0650 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation. My office is conveniently located in Bethlehem. Parking is available, and most major credit cards are accepted.

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