David Kennedy Bifulco, Esquire. A graduate of Temple University School of Law. He started in the receivables management industry as an investment banker providing access to capital for debt buyers.

He has headed the debt purchasing and collection operations for U.S. Asset in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and PFS Associates in New York and Pennsylvania. Over the past 2 decades David Kennedy Bifulco, Esquire has provided his services to the Resolution Trust Corporation, Department of Housing and Urban Development, American Arbitration Association, Pennsylvania Business Bank and NCO Group, Inc.

“Now into my second decade I am providing legal services for consumers in the practice areas of debt settlement and defense for credit cards. In addition to credit card defense I assist clients with home loan modifications, foreclosure defense, landlord-tenant matters and consumer protection cases. I also handle ARD DUI cases, domestic relations matters such as custody issues, support modification and enforcement”

Practice Areas

Debt Defense, Foreclosure Defense, Debt Collection, Debt Settlement, Consumer Protection.

My firm provides services for consumer protection in the following areas:

  • Debt settlement — If you have a credit card balance you cannot possibly hope to repay, I negotiate a reasonable debt settlement that allows you to get on with your life.
  • Foreclosure defense — If your mortgage lender is threatening you with foreclosure, I take decisive steps to help you keep your home.
  • Credit repair — If an error on your credit report or a past blemish is hurting your credit, I take action that requires the credit reporting agency to make the necessary corrections.

When debt is causing you and your family hardship, I am determined to bring effective relief at a very reasonable cost.

Industry Areas

Banking, Finance, Household Finance, Mortgage Financing, Mortgage Servicing

  • Oppressive debt collections — Bill collectors are prevented by law from using false, deceptive or misleading representations or means to obtain payments on overdue accounts. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act generally forbids harassing or annoying debtors, threatening them with arrest or litigation, making early morning or late night phone calls, contacting them at their place of business, speaking to their friends and family or contacting debtors directly once it is known they are represented by a lawyer. I know how to use the FDCPA to stop collectors from using these oppressive tactics against you and to win money damages and attorneys’ fees in your behalf.
  • Predatory lending — There are many and varied schemes by which disreputable lenders target vulnerable consumers, including excessive interest, hidden fees and penalties and deceptive loan-repayment structures. The federal Truth in Lending Act and Home Ownership and Equal Protection Act bar such illicit practices in general and for loans secured by liens on borrowers’ dwelling, such as purchase-money mortgages, refinances, closed-end home equity loans and open-end credit plans. These laws provide remedies that I can effectuate in your behalf, including working to prevent creditors from taking enforcement measures like foreclosure against you.
  • Unfair billing — I help my clients avail themselves of the federal Fair Credit Billing Act, which bars invalid billing practices such as charging the wrong amount, charging for merchandise never received, sending bills to the wrong address or failing to post payments and credits or to reverse unauthorized charges. The law also gives you the right as a borrower to dispute charges you believe to be erroneous or fraudulent, such as where you may be a victim of identity theft. I can also champion your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to review your credit score and dispute any mistakes in your credit report.

I am committed to protecting your rights as a consumer through all available remedies, including complaints to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection, which investigates fraud and deception in the sale, servicing and furnishing of goods and services, and the Fair Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, which enforces federal laws dealing with unfair or deceptive consumer practices. I can also enforce your rights by bringing suit in court in appropriate circumstances.

Representative Clients

Homeowners, Students, Tenants, Landlords, Credit Unions, People from all walks of life and circumstances that have found themselves in need of financial relief due to circumstances beyond their control.  This can be due to loss of a job, divorce, death of a spouse and other family related issues.


Ask a Real Lawyer: A question of judgment: David Kennedy Bifulco, Esquire

Best interest of the child’ always at the heart of custody cases – David Kennedy Bifulco, Esquire

David Bifulco is recognized for pro bono service at the Elder Justice & Civil Resource CenterOctober 17, 2022

Philadelphia Eviction Diversion Program:

As a volunteer mediator I assist Landlords and Tenants to resolve issues regarding unpaid rent, needed repairs to rental units, utilities and late fees.

Philadelphia Judge Pro-Tem

As a volunteer Judge Pro-Tem I assist litigants to come to a resolution of their cases prior to trial.  This role is similar to a mediator however it allows each side to present their case and come to a settlement without the added expense of a full trial.

I am active in ministry and participate in and have lead LifeGroups.  I have taught the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course and taught Old Testament studies in Sunday School.

Bar Associations

  • Philadelphia Bar Association
  • Montgomery County Bar Association


  • Temple University School of Law - Juris Doctor - 2003
  • Temple University - Bachelors - 1998

    Presidents List, Magna Cum Laude, National Honor Society

  • Peirce College - Associates in Paralegal Studies - 1994

    Deans List, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Theta Kappa

Client Reviews

A civil complaint was recently filed against me over a credit card debt. I contacted Mr. Bifulco after reading some online reviews of his legal services. He got back in touch with me almost immediately. After so much...


Mr. Bifulco Is The Attorney You're Looking For. I called Mr. Bifulco's office to get a consultation related to a personal loan I made to a friend two years ago. I didn't intend to file a lawsuit yet, but wanted legal...


Mr. Bifulco didn’t just win my case... from the first email to the tenth, to the phone calls and the court appearance he made me feel heard and helped me. He didn’t fill me with false hopes, and from day 1 gave me...


The Best. I was being sued by a previous credit card company and had no idea what to do. I looked around for lawyers and found David online. Having no idea what I was doing or what the process was, David was so helpful...


We had a tragic event happen to us on a Friday evening. We tried to handle it ourselves but realized it was over our heads. We needed help but it was the weekend. Sure enough David took our call right away and helped us...


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